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In this week’s Torah portion, we read about ma’aseh bereshit, the “works of creation,” as we begin our yearly Torah reading cycle once again. One of the things which makes the Torah reading cycle special is that each year, we revisit the same stories as the year before, and yet we always manage to find something new. This is not because the stories themselves have changed, but because we, the readers, have changed. In Pirkei Avot, Rabbi Ben Bag Bag famously said of the Torah, “Turn it over, for everything is within it.” Our daily liturgy tells us that God renews the works of creation every day. As you encounter new things in the world, don’t forget to look for their roots. And as you find things which seem worn out, remember to look for the radical and the new within them. (And see if you can find this image of renewal on Haverford’s campus!) #bereshit #בראשית #shabbatshalom #jewishhaverford #haverfordcollege #benbagbag #pirkeiavot @haverfordcollegearboretum @haverfordedu

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