2 thoughts on “First blog post – Welcome to JakeBestAdler.com!

  1. Great stuff. Do you send out a weekly e-mail?

    Some commentators point out that the two goats on Yom Kipur are similar to another ritual in Vayikra done by the Cohen. The two birds used in purifying a house from Tzaraat.(Vayikra 14:49) According to your read the second bird who is set free is parallel to the Goat for Azazel.

    On a side note Azazel is a character in the X-Men universe and was in the movie X-men first class.


    • Hi, Dan! Yes, I agree with that parallel. Azazel (the biblical figure) is a particularly fascinating topic to me. I don’t know the comic character as well, though I love Nightcrawler. I did cringe a bit when Kevin Bacon pronounced it “Uh-zay-zul.”


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